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Quran Expert offers various Islamic studies courses for you at the comfort of your home. In this course, you and your children will learn about the life of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Islamic creed (Aqidah), Islamic law (Fiqh), the five pillars of Islam, Dua, Quran Tafseer, Hadith, and Islamic manners. Our Islamic tutors teach you everything from the fundamentals of Islam to advanced Quranic studies. We provide Islamic studies for kids and adults to help them understand the islam and become good Muslims.

Islamic Studies Course

The Islamic studies course offers a wide range of topics that are important to all Muslims who want to learn Islam study online. Online Islamic classes customize and personalize according to the student’s knowledge and age.

Islam is the best religion because it is a way of life more than a belief. Muslims live their lives following Allah’s commandments. Islamic studies online course will help you and your kids becoming true Muslim and practicing beliefs.


There are different sub-categories of Quran learning, including memorization, recitation, tajweed, and Tafseer. You and your children will learn the Holy Quran from the beginning to the master level.


The hadith refers to what our Messenger said. It is a personal source of divine guidance given by Allah to his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Aqidah is the Islamic belief in Allah and Tawhid (monotheism). It also includes belief in angels, the Holy Quran, prophets, the resurrection, and predestination.


Fiqh creates a deep understanding of all aspects of Islamic law. It describes Allah’s rules in light of the Quran and Sunnah, such as what is obligatory (Wajib), sinful (haraam), recommended (mandub), prohibited (makruh), and neutral (mubah).

Islamic History

It covers the entire history of Islam, from the beginning of humankind to the present. It will help you to recognize the accomplishments of Muslims throughout the ages.

Course Outline

What will you learn in islamic studies course?

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