Recitation of the Quran is more than just about being a pious Muslim; the Holy Book is a complete solution for life. One such surah that can be recited to significantly improve life is Surah Waqiah.

Often known as the Surah of Wealth, Surah Waqiah is filled with verses reciting that can bring you prosperity, not to mention blessings of Allah and peace of mind.

We offer online Quran learning, but for us having our students and everyone else know the origins and importance of each surah is imperative. Since Surah Waqiah has vast benefits for one’s finances, we want you to fully understand its importance before you start learning.

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Origins Of Surah Waqiah

Surah Waqiah describes the Day of Judgement in an impactful way. According to the Surah, mankind will be divided into three groups in the Hereafter: The Forerunners, People of the Right, and People of The Left. Each of these groups will receive their rewards based on their deeds on Earth.

  • The Forerunners will be those closest to Allah, the believers who not only fulfilled their basic duties but also went above and beyond to please Allah. They will be the first to enter Jannah (Paradise).
  • People of the Right will be blessed by Allah for their good deeds.  These righteous people will take delight in the many blessings of Paradise stated in the Surah, such as non-intoxicating wine, exotic fruits, and beautifully ornamented thrones.
  • As for the People of The Left, they will be condemned and made miserable. The punishments will reflect their poor actions on Earth, and they will be made to suffer as a consequence.

Surah Waqiah is not just a description of the events of the afterlife, but a reminder that we are bound to go back to our Creator and ultimately face the Day of Judgement.

In the Quran, the Surahs are divided into Makkhi and Madni categories (revealed before Hijrat and after Hijrat respectively). In the case of Surah Waqiah, there is some inconsistency over when it was revealed. However, most scholars agree that the Surah is a Makkhi Surah, based on the fact that it talks primarily about the events that will take place on the Day of Judgement.

It is the 56th Surah in the Quran, comprising 96 verses total and 3 Rukus. The Surah’s name “Waqiah” has the Arabic meaning “Event” or “Inevitable”, signaling that the Surah tells us about what happens on the Day of Judgement, an inevitable event that will ultimately arrive for each and every one of us.

Narrative Of The Surah Waqiah

Benefits Of Reciting Surah Waqiah

Reading Surah Waqiah not only inspires you to view life from a more mindful perspective but also brings blessings every time you recite it. The primary benefits of Surah Waqiah include:

It Serves as A Reminder

In everyday life, it’s common for us to worry about the future, particularly the monetary future. As we spend our days busy with life’s hustles and hurdles, we tend to overlook that this is all temporary.

Surah Waqiah is a reminder of what is to come, and that complete control of everything is ultimately with Allah.

It Helps Strengthen Faith in Allah

It’s not easy to let go when one is buried under worries. Reciting and learning Surah Waqiah reminds us that there is a Higher Power, the Merciful One who controls our futures.

Knowing, believing, and reminding ourselves of the fact that the ultimate authority regarding all matters, including financial matters of our life can help bring peace. 

It Brings Prosperity & Providence

The recitation of Surah Waqiah helps improve wealth and increases protection from poverty, as stated in Hadith (we’ll discuss this further).

As you worry about financial security every day, the simple act of reciting this short Surah every day puts barakah (abundance) in wealth for you and your family. Reciting Surah Waqiah regularly, with full understanding and practice of good deeds, and with complete trust in Allah eliminates any hesitation of the future.

Hadith Referencing The Surah

The virtues of Surahs are mentioned in the Hadith. With respect to Surah Waqiah, the Hadith that gives details about its blessings is a Hadith in one of the authentic and reliable books of Ahadith (Sahih Hadith).

The Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever recites Surah al-Waqi’ah every night will never experience poverty.” The hadith was narrated by Ibn Masood (RZ), who also used to instruct his daughters to read Surah Waqiya every night. (Shu’ab al-Iman 4/120, number 2269)

Questions Often Asked About This Surah

We often get asked questions about different Surahs in the Holy Quran. Common questions asked about Surah Waqiah include:

Q: What is the best time to recite Surah Waqiah?

The Hadith referencing this Surah emphasizes that it should be recited every night, between Maghrib and Isha prayers, or after Isha prayers (before sleep).

Q: Should this Surah be recited every night?

The constant remembrance of Allah is our duty as Muslims. Reciting Surah Waqiah as much as possible makes its blessings more effective.

Q: What does the Surah protect us from?

The Surah protects its devout reciters and believers from poverty and brings prosperity to their wealth.

Learn Recitation Of Surah Waqiah Online

Surah Waqiah brings abundance and protects from poverty. Taking a little time out of your day—as the Surah has a short 5-7-minute-long recitation for a practiced reader—can bring you great rewards.

Given that the Surah is quite brief, memorizing it is easy, taking no more than 30 days for an average reader who dedicates themselves to reading aloud and learning the Surah every day.

Tajweed Classes can guide you through memorizing Surah Waqiah in a simplified way. Get enrolled today to learn Surah Waqiah and other Surahs of the Quran from experienced scholars. We not only help you perfect the recitation of the Holy Quran but also provide its translation and educate you about the meanings of Surahs, as well as provide complete guidance for memorization.

Reach out to us for help or sign up today for one-on-one classes.

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